Why should you choose Fresh Veg Store?

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Our website,, is the website for our e-commerce business of selling grocery items, fruits, and vegetables.

Our vendors are our family

  • We are successfully making lots of profits in our business, as we sell good brands of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • And, that is also possible because of our family of 500-1000 vendors in our e-commerce business. We care for each and every need of our vendors as if they are our family members. We never thought they were any different from us. We consider them as our own family members, and so do they.
  • They also respect our decisions, because we take decisions for their business welfare. If they have any concerns or issues, they share them with us freely, without any hesitation.
  • So, we heartily invite all sellers to become vendors to sell their products on our e-commerce website.
  • And, the other most important reasons why you should choose Fresh Veg Store as a vendor are as follows:

On-time delivery

Our customers also trust us a lot. The reason is because of our on-time delivery. Our lightning-fast delivery services are well known among customers. We provide delivery within the promised stipulated time. So, we can guarantee you that your products will sell well.

Fresh items for sale

We also sell fresh fruits and vegetables, and groceries of good quality and good brands. Fresh fruits and vegetables are hygienic for human health.

A healthy family is a happy family. 

No-contact delivery

We maintain all the safety precautions during these risky times of Covid-19. Our delivery boys keep the products near the doors of the customers. They wait until the particular customer picks up the product, and then they leave the location after product delivery. Thus, we can assure all sellers and buyers that we follow no-contact delivery.

Registration Process for Vendors (On website)

The following is the registration process to become a vendor on our successful e-commerce website:

  • Navigate through the Fresh Veg Store website with the URL, .
  • An application form will come up on the screen for the registration of vendors.
  • Write all your personal details, like name, username, e-mail, and address, etc.
  • After that, submit your form by choosing the register option.
  • Then, you will receive an update on the webpage informing you that

‘You have successfully submitted your Vendor Account request. 

Your vendor application is still under review.

You will get the details about our decision in your email very soon! ’

  • After our approval of your application for registration as a vendor on our website, you will finally be able to become a registered vendor and upload your products for sale on freshvegstore.


Now, you vendors might have got the answer to the question of, ‘why you should choose Fresh Veg Store’ for uploading your products. Also, customers can refer to this article to get the answer to, ‘why you should choose Fresh Veg Store’ for buying items through the online delivery services of our e-commerce website.

So, why wait so long? Do not think anymore. Hurry up!!!

Come and join our network of selling and buying products through our e-commerce business.

Visit our website,, for more details.

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