The FreshVeg Store is the licensed owner of the website, FreshVeg Store keeps your information private and respects it. The Privacy Policy as stated below, mentions all details regarding how your data is stored and used by FreshVeg Store on the website.

What data is gathered from the customers?

A customer needs to sign in through the website to avail of our services, order products for delivery, save their favorite products, and save some items for ordering later on. The process of registration on the website of FreshVeg Store may require you to gather your personal details such as name, email id, phone number, address, pin code, date of birth, etc.

How is your data utilized?

FreshVeg Store uses your personal data (personal details) to display personalized product features on the website for you, according to the choices or orders you have made before. Your personal information is also used to share with you promotional offers through our website, and also through your mail or social media accounts (if you wish to choose that option). FreshVeg Store will utilize your information to safeguard your transaction history as regulated by current laws or policies. FreshVeg Store may also send you mail or call you to get feedback about the products and their delivery after you receive the order. Your information may also be used for advertising and marketing activities of our company. And, the data can also be used for market investigation and statistical analysis regarding consumer behavior.

How can you rectify any mistakes in your data on our website?

If you need to rectify or update any data provided by you on our website, then we permit that activity for editing your information through our website only. If you face loss of access to your information or access to your account, then you can mail us at:

How do we protect your data?

To safeguard your personal data from unauthorized access, loss of data, misuse of information, etc., the FreshVeg Store has the required practical security provisions in place, in accordance with relevant applicable laws.

Policy Updates

FreshVeg Store has the right to modify this privacy policy later on. If any update is made to this policy, then it will be posted on this website.