Fruits are nutritious for our health. So, we at Fresh Veg Store,, are selling diverse varieties of farm-fresh fruits through our e-commerce website. We provide fast online delivery of fruits. Our services are reliable, and they are trusted by various groups of consumers – whether they may be young people, adults, or senior citizens. So, you can order from our website from the comfort of your home or workplace, or from anywhere you wish to get the products delivered.

Fruits are nutritious for our health for the following reasons:

  • Fruits originally had low amounts of sodium, calories, and fat. No fruit has cholesterol in it.
  • Fruits are a great source of nutrients which are very essential for the human body.
  • Some of the examples of those nutrients are potassium, vitamin C, dietary fibre, and folate.
  • The nutrient, Vitamin C, is necessary for the growth and repair of human body tissues. It aids in the healing of cuts and wounds, and keeps human teeth and gums healthy. This nutrient helps our bodies absorb iron easily.
  • Fruits that have higher quantities of potassium in them help people to keep healthy blood pressure. A few examples of fruits rich in potassium are guava, Kiwi, Jackfruit, bananas, etc.
  • Dietary fibre from fruits aids in decreasing blood cholesterol levels, and can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Fibre is necessary for proper bowel functioning. Dietary fibre is there in whole or cut-up fruits. Fruit juices have very little or no fibre in them.

Our vendor network is also large. Around 500-1000 vendors have already registered, and are putting their fresh fruits for sale through our e-commerce website to the customers. So, we are inviting vendors to come and upload their farm-fresh fruits and sell them through us. Because for the following reasons:

  • We provide tax-free services to the vendors.
  • Ours is a hassle-free platform for interaction between sellers and buyers, so that the buyers’ issues, if any, can be solved through that mode.
  • We also make our vendors feel free to share their issues with us, if any.

We solve the issues of the buyers and vendors as soon as possible.

Registration Method for Vendors (On website)

  • The vendors can register through the following process on our website,
  • Go to this link on our website,
  • An application form will come up for the registration of vendors.
  • Mention all your personal details, such as name, username, email, address, etc.
  • After providing all the details, you can submit your form by choosing the register option.
  • Then, you will receive a message on the webpage saying that:

‘You have successfully submitted your Vendor Account request. 

Your vendor application is still under review.

You will receive details about our decision in your email very soon! ’

  • After we approve your application for registration as a vendor on our website, you will finally be able to become a registered vendor. And thus, you can put your products for sale on our e-commerce website.


Fruits are nutritious for our health. So, come forward and order from us through this website, Also, the potential newly starting vendors and/or experienced vendors can come forward to put their products on sale through our website,

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